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Day trip to a Florida Spring

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Pictures courtesy of Weeki Wachee Springs

So you've done the 'big' parks, your feet (and wallet) are tired from the Mall trekking too and all you want is a bit of respite from the pandamonium of tourist attractions for not a lot of money.... Welcome to Weeki Wachee Springs!

We visited the Springs in July 2015 and the prices were $13 per adult and $8 for Children 6-12 and under 5's where FREE!

This is NOT, I repeat NOT an attraction on the scale of Disney World, Universal Studios or Busch Gardens Tampa & Adventure Island - a family friendly park where things are done at a slower, more languid pace. There's a riverboat trip (lasting approximately 20 mins) along the beautifully clear, not too deep, spring waters taking in the wildlife while learning a bit of local history from your guide. You'll share the waterway with kayaking guests (run by a third party for which there is an extra charge), turtles and a variety of birds and fish. It's a relaxing experience.....

Pictures courtesy of Weeki Wachee Springs

And for those with infinite imagination, the resident mermaids perform a classic love story in the underwater theatre. Not only a chance to retreat from the relentless Florida sun and heat but from the daily grind too, into the world of make-believe or is it.... Or if you want to get up close and personal there's a Wildlife show, featuring alligators and snakes, scheduled throughout the day.

Pictures courtesy of Weeki Wachee Springs

Buccaneer Bay is an area along the Weeki Wachee Springs cordoned off for swimmers and thrill seekers. There are several water slides ending in the springs and a floating launch pad for 'jumpers' - all manned by lifeguards. There's also Lil' Mates Carribean Cove - a shallow area for the younger members of your party. The surrounding area is both grass and sand with loungers for the more sedate visitor.

Food and drink is sold at various locations throughout the park but you can also bring a picnic - a rarity at the bigger attractions! Tubes, wheelchairs, electric carts and lockers can all be rented on site. You can find Weeki Wachee Springs 45 minutes north of Tampa, about 2 hours west of West Orlando - definitely worth a visit but check their website for closures prior to setting off and when they have reached capacity they close the doors!

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