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Florida Property Management

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Property Management

In the Disney Orlando area of Florida there are thousands of vacation homes that are owned by investors or individuals that have them as their dream holiday home. These people are often thousands of miles and many timezones from their properties and they rely on Property Management companies to maintain and keep it in perfect condition for either the owner visiting or vacationers visiting Disney.

If you are a property investor or an individual that has purchased a dream Florida vacation villa, you will both be wanting to acquire repeat visitors as these increase occupancy which helps drive revenue. However, a poorly maintained property or a superficially clean property can lead to constantly searching for that new visitor.

Far too often the owner is unaware of the condition of their property, that is until they have a direct booking after which the visitor reports back. We have stayed in many villas over the years and have seen the good and the bad from property management companies. A few of the common issues we have seen:

  • Floors swept but swept under a rug - We could actually feel it under foot!
  • Ceiling fans with layers of dirt on the blades.
  • Air conditioning vents with months worth of grime.
  • Broken electrical appliances.
  • Broken pool furniture.
  • Poorly maintained garden, fences and exterior.

Here at Florida Villa Rentals we are offering investors and home owners a fixed fee Vacation Home Property Assessment. We will perform a detailed walk through of the property documenting and providing photographic evidence of the state of your property which will furnish you with the information required to achieve the perfect vacation home.

For more information on our services, please visit our web site for Property Management where you will be able to contact us and request more information on our service.