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Car Hire Florida

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Lowest rate, Great Value

Are you travelling to Florida on Holiday, perhaps you are staying in one of our Disney villa rentals? Unless you are staying within the Disney resort itself and not intending to travel outside of the resort then you are going to require car hire.

So the question is where can you get the best deal and what are the options? Will there be any hidden extras when you arrive?

To start with we are going to layout the options that are available and in Part 2 of this article we will cover the companies and the costs that we found.

Insurance: There are many different insurances you can take when hiring a car, whether you require these or not is down to preference, it will increase the cost of car hire so you should be careful and research exactly what the cover will be. Items like CDW/LDW are a must unless you have travel insurance that will cover it.

Collision Damage Waiver: Covers the cost of damage from a moving accident.
Loss Damage Waiver: This is the same as CDW some companies call it LDW.
Supplemental Liability Insurance: Covers an accident causing bodily injury to someone other than the renter or passenger.
Personal Accident Insurance - Covers medical costs and accidental death for the renter and passengers.
Personal Effects Coverage - Insures against risk or loss or damage to personal belongings.

Optional Extras:
With car hire its all about the extras, this tends to drive the price up and is normally paid on arrival and NOT in advance, make sure you are aware of this so it does not unexpectedly eat  into your holiday funds.

This is almost a given that you will require one of these, the use of a plain old map has died out and the use of a UK phone with roaming and the likes of Google Maps is likely to run up phone costs, so hiring in advance is a good idea. If you have gone for an upmarket rental then most of these come pre-installed so make you sure you verify that. All car hire companies offer them (From $12.50 a day) and we can also provide GPS devices for the duration of your holiday, to find out more on our prices then contact us at Florida Villa Rentals.

Child Seats
For Children most companies offer three different options, an infant seat 0-4 years old (up to 20Lbs) , a safety seat 4-8 years old (20-40Lbs) and a booster seat. For very infants you may be bringing your seat with you as most will fit onto aeroplanes or you can put them in the hold, if this is not possible then renting from the car hire company (from $12.99 + tax a day), or ourselves is an option, some of our villa owners supply car seats at no charge. For our prices on hiring car seats then contact us at Florida Villa Rentals.

Fuel Plans:
We always start with a full tank and return it full, we have found this to be the cheapest option, you can return it empty as an option but unless you are very skilled in delivering the car back on fumes you will either run out on your last day or return it with half a tank of your fuel.

Road side Assistance:
If you are in the habit of locking the keys in the car then maybe this is a wise option, it actually covers more than that, from Key Replacement, Lockout Service, Jump Start, Flat Tire Assistance, Tire Replacement and Fuel Delivery for when you are trying to return that car empty. Prices are around $6.00 a day

Now we have the basics we will start our search for a car, in Car hire Florida Part 2 we will provide you the rates for a two week rental on exactly the same dates.

Disclaimer: This article is intended as a guide, you must research the insurances that are offered to you via the rentals company as they will all differ, from the type of insurance to the value that is covered, some may start out with low coverage and then when you arrive the price will go up as you increase the cover, so be prepared.