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Car Hire Florida - Part 2

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Lowest rate, Great Value

Part 2 in the Car Hire Florida will cover the costs of the most well known car hire companies and we will endeavor to uncover some of the hidden costs and charges that you can run into. We hope this will help you enjoy your Disney vacation villa.

We started off  by defining some standard parameters, after all we need to make this fair across all providers. The items we defined where:
  • Dates - 3rd March 2015 to 17th March 2015
  • Car must seat 5 people
  • Car must accommodate 2 bags
  • GPS included
  • CDW/LDW included
  • SLI included
  • Unlimited miles
We then went off and searched on the same day all the vendors listed below, we found some interesting things that made us add another couple of parameters:
  • Located in UK
  • Using a UK site where possible
The issue we found was if you used the .com site then often the prices went very high, an example was Budget and SixT where a person from UK was getting around $500 for the two week period a person from the US site was getting $1000 for the same period, I am unsure at this point why. The other item was make sure you say you are in the UK as this too can skew the figures.
The results of the test are shown below:
Company Car Base Rate GPS SLI CDW/LDW Total Hire
Budget Ford Focus $359.58 $ 99.49 Included Included $476.14
Dollar Kia Rio $350.98 $106.82 Included Included $457.80
Avis Ford Focus $379.47 $100.49 Included Included $479.96
Hertz Kia Rio $452.00 No Option Included Included $452.00
Alamo Nissan Versa $373.86 $139.30 Included Included $537.05
National Nissan Versa $392.56 $139.30 Included Included $555.75
Sixt Nissan Versa $349.68 $159.90 Included Included $509.58

The totals do not add up as we have excluded the taxes but have shown the actual figure that was shown on the web site that was inclusive of taxes. All of the sites add into the price:
  • Energy Recovery Fee
  • Vehicle License Fee
  • MCO airport Tax 10%
  • Surcharge
The figures can also appear different for a few reasons, maybe the CDW or SLI cover is better from one company or the other, some may include things like Spouse as an additional driver free of charge, all of which can impact the price.
Joining a loyalty reward program with these companies can also reduce costs and provide added extras.
Additional Driver
Budget and Avis include the Spouse as an additional driver free of charge. For anyone else it is $13.00 a day, with Avis having a maximum of around $70.00 charge.
Dollar appear to charge $12.00 a day but I could not find this on their web site.
Hertz charge $13.50 a day with a $94.50 maximum charge
Alamo and National charge $9.99 a day, for this two week period it ran a cost of $139.86
SixT Charge $6.43 a day

For a 14 day rental and having your spouse as an additional driver then Budget comes out the best at around $476 with Avis a close second at $480.
Rates can change daily and hidden extras and fees payable on arrival, such as fuel, child car seat, extra insurances can affect these figures. This is only meant as a guide and we recommend you spend the time researching all the car hire companies to find the best deal, remember what looks the cheapest may not be when all fees are included. We are not affiliated with any of these companies.

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