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Golf Club Rental - Orlando Florida

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Premium Golf Club rentals, delivered to your course or hotel, only $44.

You have booked your Florida Villa, kids are all excited about going to the Disney theme parks and you are dreaming of the sunny days out on the golf course, then it crosses your mind. Is it cheaper to take my own clubs or hire when I get out there?

The first question you have to ask yourself when flying to Central Florida on holiday is "How many days am I going to play golf?" If it is one it probably does not make sense to take your own clubs, but what if it is more than one! When does it make sense to hire versus paying excess baggage fees and having the hastle of having to carry your own Golf bag to the airport and back.

Airline Rules & Regulations

Let us start with the Baggage fees, rules and regulations of transporting sporting goods to the USA.

Things you need to know about your golf bag and presumptions on your travel.

  • You must have a proper Golf travel case, or at least a bag with a sturdy cover, airlines may not accept a bag that could come apart so we recommend a good travel case for the clubs.
  • Golf bag dimensions
  • Golf bag weight
  • First bag checked free is your clothes. Golf bag will be extra.
Airline Bag Dimensions Weight Cost - pre booked Cost at airport
British Airways 190cm x 75cm x 65cm Maximum 23kg £55/$85/€64 £65/$100/€75
American Airlines limited to a hard travel case for clubs 61in (L+W+H) Maximum 31kg/70lbs $100 Unavailable
Virgin Atlantic limited to a hard travel case for clubs Maximum 23kg Free Free
US Airways limited to a hard travel case for clubs 61in (L+W+H) Maximum 31kg/70lbs $150 Unavailable
Thompson Holidays Pre-book 2 months ahead

On nearly all airlines you are limited to the following equipment in your bag.

  • One bag (containing a maximum of 14 clubs).
  • A dozen balls
  • An umbrella
  • One pair of golf shoes

If you are travelling with Virgin Atlantic then you are in great shape, if however you still do not want to carry your own golf clubs then you options are:

Hiring clubs at the course

Club hire at the course can be expensive but is an option if you are only going to play one or two rounds of golf, club quality is always good with named brands and prices vary per course, prices average around $59 per round + tax and will normally include 6 balls.

Hiring clubs online

There are a couple of companies that rent clubs long term and they can be delivered to your Hotel, Golf Course or Villa. We recommend GolfClubsAway.com and their fees get cheaper the longer you hire, 1 day is $59 as they charge a $15 minimum fee, so go greater than 1 day and the costs drop for 6 days it is $210.60. Leave your golf clubs at home. Rent premium Nike Golf Clubs, delivered to your course or hotel for only $39.

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