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Orlando Water Parks

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A hot day in Orlando, you are tired or walking around the theme parks and as you relax in your Disney vacation home you decide to visit one of the many water parks in the Orlando area, your first thought has to be which park is going to be right for you and your family, here we are going to give a brief description of these parks along with height restrictions so you can ensure the whole family has a great day out.
Wet 'n Wild

Picture courtesy of Wet 'n Wild
Wet 'n Wild Water Park - SAVE BIG!

Wet 'n' Wild is one of the most established and well known parks in the Orlando area, it is located on the infamous International drive. It is best to order tickets in advance as you will save $10 per person on the gate prices, the online price is $46.00 per person/child and it is even cheaper if you use our link above. Hours of operation are from 10:00am to 17:00pm and in the summer months up to 20:00.

Thrill rides at Wet n Wild

Aqua Drag racer - A 4 lane water ride where you can race your friends and family,head first, to see who can be first into the splash pool at the end. Height restriction 42"

Der Stuka - Drop feet first down a six storey ride. Height restriction 48"

The Storm - A swirling body ride takes you for a spin. Height restrictions 48"

Bomb bay - Standing on this six storey ride you wait for the floor to be removed and down you go - exhilarating ride. Height restriction 48"

Mach 5 - Three different flumes twist their way down to the bottom, take your pick or ride all three! Height restrictions 48"

Group Rides Disco H20 - Ride this 1970's disco nightclub, children must be accompanied by an adult. Height restrictions 36" with an adult - 48"

The Black hole - A Deep Space adventure ride - Height restrictions 48"

The Flyer - 4 people in a line ride this toboggan adventure. Height restrictions 36" with adult - 48"

Brain Wash - A 52 foot vertical drop lands you in a doomed funnel. Height restrictions 36" with adult - 48"

The Blast - Ride a ruptured pipe line. Height restrictions 36" with adult - 48"

The Surge - Ride a 600ft five storey tube ride with banked turns - Height restrictions 36" with adult - 48"

Family Fun rides
Blastaway beach - Large water play area with a six-storey castle, 6 pools, 15 slides. No height restrictions

Surf Lagoon - Wave pool with 4ft high waves in a 17,000 square foot pool. Restrictions - Must be able to swim or wear a life jacket (US Approved)

Lazy river - A slow moving river that weaves its way around the park. Restrictions All children under 48" to wear life jacket.

Wet 'n Wild also has Cabanas that are available to rent, water skiing, paddle boards and Knee Ski rides.
Wet 'n Wild Water Park - SAVE BIG!

Disney’s Blizzard beach water park

Picture courtesy of www.disneyh20.com

Stay Cool at Disney's Blizzard Beach & Save on Tickets!

One of two Disney water parks, entrance price is from $53.00 for a one day pass, you can save on these prices by using our link above. The Blizzard beach started out as a winter ski resort and has grown into a wonderful water park. Open 10:00am to 17:00pm.

The rides available are:

Chair Lift - Enjoy a ride on the chair lift to the top of mount Gushmore on the colourful chairs. Height restriction 32"

Cross Country Creek - Lazy river winding through the park, sit back relax and enjoy the gentle pace.

Downhill Double dipper - Side by side water slides, as shown in picture above, race your friends to the bottom. Height restriction 48"

Melt Away Bay - One acre wave pool allowing you to relax in you inner tubes or ride the waves.

Runoff Rapids - 3 different inner-tube water-slides you can ride either solo or in pairs.

Ski patrol training camp - Big kids and pre-teens can amuse themselves in this activity driven play area.

Slush Gusher - A 90 foot long high speed water slide, this helps you prepare for the big one! - Height restriction 48"

Snow Stormers - 3 winding slides that you take on your stomach and arrive in the plunge pool at the bottom.

Summit Plummet - Yep its the big one! One of the tallest, fastest, longest free fall slides in the world, drop down the 230 foot 12 storey slide and then plummet into darkness before ending in the white water pool, 360 foot long ride. Height restriction 48"

Teamboat Springs - White water raft ride, up to 6 people per raft.

Tike's Peak - Preschoolers and young kids can enjoy this park with small slides and water activities.

Toboggan Racers - 8 racers in line sliding down this toboggan run, are you fast enough to win!

Stay Cool at Disney's Blizzard Beach & Save on Tickets!

Disney Typhoon Lagoon Water Park
This park is currently closed for refurbishment, when it re-opens we will update this page with the latest information

Coco Key Water Park

Picture courtesy https://www.cocokeyorlando.com
Coco Key is a Water Park and hotel located on International Drive, it is not open all year round so we recommend you visit their web site here to check opening hours. Entrance fee $22.95 per person rising to $24.95 during peak season. you can also get further discounts by using the link below to our discount ticket offers.

Coco Key Water Park Discounted Combo Passes!

Family pass discounts -  Coco Key Water Park Save over 10% on Family Passes!

Minnows Lagoon and Slides  - Family fun splash pool ideal for the toddlers with zero depth entry pools.

Coral Reef Cove - Enjoy relaxing by the pool safe for all ages

Cyclone Slide - Take a trip down the slide and end up in the Coral Reef Cove.

Parrots Perch and Slides - Play area with water slides and a 500gl water bucket that fills and empties on those unsuspecting people, includes water cannons and a jungle gym. Some Height restrictions on Slides

Over the falls body slide - A water slide that has twists and turns and a corkscrew - Height restriction 40"

Surfers Splash Tube Slide - One or two person tube ride. Height restriction 42"

Boomerango Tube Slide - This ride is for double tune riders only and starts with a drop and then a twisty ride. Height restrictions 48"

Coco Key Water Park Discounted Combo Passes!

Family pass discounts -  Coco Key Water Park Save over 10% on Family Passes!