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Skyplex world tallest roller coaster in Orlando

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Skyplex are building the worlds tallest roller coaster on the corner of Sand Lake Dr and International Drive in Orlando, the Skyplex complex is more than just the worlds tallest roller coaster, it will include shops and restaurants and is due to open in 2017.

The Skyplex complex is a $300 million development and will also would include a tower-top restaurant, observation deck, ground-level stores and 2,400-car parking garage.

The observation deck will be 55 stories high and will be accessible via a glass lift, providing those in the lift views of the roller coaster as it flies round the tower. Ideal for those that do not want to ride the roller coaster.

The ride is estimated to last 3-minute and will include sharp curves, corkscrew movements, deep drops, hills and loops before returning to ground level inside the complex.. An estimated maximum speed would be about 65 mph.

Perkins Restaurant and bakery is opening the largest of it's stores within the promenade.

Joining the worlds tallest roller coaster will be the new Skyfall ride. The ride will stand at more than 460 feet and will be part of the Skyscraper tower and will drop at speeds of 90 miles per hour.