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Theme Park mobile applications

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With the Mobile World upon us there is now an application for everything, the theme parks are no different. Disney World, Universal and Busch gardens all have there own apps. If you want a really great experience at the theme parks then we recommend you download these apps.

My Disney Experience WDW

This is the official app for Disney World, the first thing you will need to do is create an account, I found this troublesome as I could not set the month, logically you want to work from left to right but with this you need to set your year first.

The app has some great features and covers all the Disney parks including the Water Parks.
  • Attractions - This lists the different attractions along with wait times, age restrictions, height restrictions and thrill level, you can also click a symbol on the page and it will take you to the actual location in the park.
  • Characters - This shows all the Disney Characters and the meet and greet times and locations.
  • Dinning - A List of all the restaurants, location within the park and the hours of operation. You can also view the menus and it will show you a price range so you can manage your budget
  • Restrooms - Shows a map and location of your nearest restroom
  • Entertainment - Details all the show times, location and allows you to add to your plan so you can have reminders so as to not miss anything, it also list the age interest and wheelchair accessibility
  • Events and Tours - Lists all the different events, from scavenger hunts, to Kingdom tours, shows location and a brief description of what it is about. Includes age interest range.
  • Photo Pass - Tells you where the professional photographers are so you can get the forever memory.
  • Guest services - Shows Baby care centers, ATMs and Automated External Defibrillator locations.

Great app recommend you download in advance and plan your days ahead to get the most out of the Disney parks.

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Universal Orlando Resort App

With this app there is no registration required to use it. It is very easy to use, from the home screen it scrolls through the rides and tells you the wait times associated with them, it also has the following features:

  • Rides - This takes you to a map of the park and you can select each of the different options - Thrill, 3D & 4D, Water and Kids, depending which you leave hilighted it will show you the rides that match your choice, you can also press the icon top right and it will tell you more about the rides, what time it opens and what the wait time is currently.
  • Shows - This lists all the Shows by default and once again you can select from Action, Comedy, Music, Parade and Character to list the relevant shows. You can click the icon to select the show and within that you can select reminders to make sure you do not miss it.
  • Dining - From this option you can select from Fine dining, Casual dining and Quick Serve. Click on an icon to see more about a restaurant, from opening times, style of food, menu, price range and a number to call for reservations.

From the Main menu, selectable from top left, you can see park notifications, parking reminder so you can add where you left the car, Information on Hotels and parks, Guest amenities such as restrooms, lockers, hours etc.

Another great app and I like the fact there is no registration, just download and use it.

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Busch Gardens discovery guide

The Busch Gardens discovery guide, when first loaded, will ask you to select your theme park. When my app first loaded it also wanted to pull down a new park map.

The app has quite a few functions when you select Explore the park you have the following choices:

  • Rides - This shows a map of all the rides and below that information on the different rides, if you tap on one of them you will get information about the ride and also a Splash Level and Thrill Level.
  • Animals - This lists all the different animals located at the park, you can tap on each one and it will give you detailed information on them and a map as to where you can find them.
  • Shows - This displays all the shows including information, it also shows the time of the show, length of the show and a Map to locate it in the park.
  • Dining - A list of all the differnet restaurants and when you select one it will show - Dining Pace, such as sit down or snack, you can also display the menu. You can also Filter to show the type of restaurants that you may prefer.
  • Shopping - Covers all the different shopping outfits from gift shops to clothes and toy shops.
  • Habitats - Covers where you can go to feed the animals, learn how to look after them and more, each habitat has a Thrill Level rating and an Animals rating.
  • Lands - This lists all the different countries, such as Egypt, Morocco, Nairobi along with Bird Gardens etc. When you select these it will tell you about the location, shops, rides, animals and restaurants, makes it easy to find your way around each location.
  • Facilities - Shows location of restrooms, lockers, atm First aid etc.

There is also a Car Finder which uses GPS on your phone to save the car location, Insider park tips and a whats going on today.

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