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Whats on in Central Florida - May 2015

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Summer is almost here, the temperature is climbing and the fun is only just starting and whilst visiting the Disney theme parks and the water parks are high on the agenda there is a lot more to do in Central Florida, here we include a selection of events that we would recommend.

Insider Tip

Driving in Florida is relatively easy, if coming from the UK remember that you drive on the opposite side of the road. It is the Law to move over or slow down whenever you see an emergency vehicle stopped on the highway, on a highway with only two lanes you must move over to the lane fathest from the emergency vehicle. If on a single lane highway you MUST slow down to 20mph below the speed limit. We will do a full article on driving in Florida.

What's on May 2015

Check our Sports events Orlando link for the sporting events available in May or our Concert and theatre events in Orlando with the likes of Joan Armatrading, Iggy Azlea all playing in May

May 8th - Soccer Orlando City Lions

Orlando City Lions playing new England Revolution at home Orlando City Tickets

May15th - June 14th - Star Wars Weekend at Lake Buena Vista

Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday Walt Disney is hosting a Star Wars weekend. Encounter Star Wars Celebrities and characters for special shows, presentations, autographs and more Star Wars Weekend

May 17th - Soccer Orlando City Lions

Orlando City Lions playing new LA Galaxy at home Orlando City Tickets

May 20th Kennedy Space Center Rocket Launch

Experience the memorable sights and sounds of the powerful roaring engines of a United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket as it launches in support of the AFSPC-05 mission for the U.S. Air Force.

May 30th - Soccer Orlando City Lions

Orlando City Lions playing new Columbus Crew at home Orlando City Tickets

If you have an event going on in Central Florida then please contact us and we will add it to our What's on page.

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