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Disney ticket prices - Reach $100 mark

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Save on Orlando's Best Theme Parks!

Disney ticket prices have been increasing year on year, in February 2015 they finally passed the $100 mark for a one day ticket. In 1971 when the park opened tickets where $3.50 and in February 2014 they had increased to $99 an average increase of $2.00 a year.

Whats on in Central Florida - March 2015

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March and April are one of the busiest seasons in Orlando for tourism, as the schools break up for Easter people start heading to the warmth and playground of the theme parks. If you are looking for a Florida vacation villa over the Easter period, then post your dates to the Forum page and we will try and locate you some accomodation.
For those already planning a trip in March we hope this page will help you find some extra activities to do whilst on Holiday.

Florida Property Management

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Property Management

In the Disney Orlando area of Florida there are thousands of vacation homes that are owned by investors or individuals that have them as their dream holiday home. These people are often thousands of miles and many timezones from their properties and they rely on Property Management companies to maintain and keep it in perfect condition for either the owner visiting or vacationers visiting Disney.

Orlando Water Parks

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A hot day in Orlando, you are tired or walking around the theme parks and as you relax in your Disney vacation home you decide to visit one of the many water parks in the Orlando area, your first thought has to be which park is going to be right for you and your family, here we are going to give a brief description of these parks along with height restrictions so you can ensure the whole family has a great day out.

Five family dinner shows in Orlando

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Picture courtesy of http://www.piratesdinneradventure.com
You have been out at the Disney theme parks, returned to your luxury Disney holiday villa and rested, now the kids are fidgeting and you start thinking what shall we do now? Here we have five family dinner shows in Orlando that are children friendly and can amuse the whole family with some great entertainment.